Acheron river

Acheron river

The river of Woe and Misery. A river to the underworld. There was always one mighty river that was praised in every ancient civilization. Nile, for Egypt. Tiber for Rome. The Yellow River in China. 

For Greece, there is Acheron.

And who shall guide me upon this voyage – for the house of Hades is a port that no ship can reach…

Homer. The Odyssey, 

Located in the land of Thesprotia, a country which appeared to the earliest Greeks as the end of the world in the west, and the locality of the river led them to the belief that it was the entrance into the lower world. At its very gates, the ferryman “Charos” was waiting to transport the souls of the dead into the other side.As you can imagine, it’s not just another water stream. A waterway, inextricably linked with the afterlife, connecting the living with the dead. 

Nowadays, the Acheron River shows a great ecological and naturalist interest and presents a wonderful succession of landscapes, throughout the entire area that extends across.

It is one of the most beautiful biotopes in Greece. 

As you pay a visit in this river of antiquity, let yourself be seduced by the mysterious and enigmatic magic of the natural landscape but also by the legends and stories in which this place is surrounded with.

Its own tales are awaiting to be unraveled to you.