GET : Kick-off meeting in Vlora
February 14, 2020
Second roundtable discussion in Vlora with previous tourism projects in the area
July 23, 2020

Dissemination event - round table discussions with previous tourism projects in the area

Venue : Offices of Chamber of Thesprotia

24th - 25th February 2020, Igoumenitsa, Greece

On February 24th – 25th 2020 the first steering committee meeting took place in Igoumenitsa organized by Chamber of Thesprotia in the context of the “GRALB Experience Tourism” – GET project. The project itself is implemented by the Institute of Public and Private Policies as Lead Beneficiary, Regional Council of Vlora, Chamber of Thesprotia and Innopolis as part of Interreg-IPA CBC program funded by European Union.

During the first part of the day, all project partners discussed about the activities that they are working and the defining of the next steps of the project implementation. Likewise, all the partners discussed about ways of collaborating and contributing about the progress of the project.

The second part of the day continued with the roundtable discussion with the stakeholders (Tourist Accommodation & Room Associations, Tourist Agents Association, Hoteliers Association, Environmental Friendly Education Center, Tourist Agents & Entrepreneurs on Tourism) of the region included in the project. The discussion began with a presentation of the GET project from Innopolis.

The meeting continued with a form of an open discussion between the partners and the relevant stakeholders that were present.  Mostly all of them expressed their gratitude that this programme will be implemented in their area of interest.

At the same time, however, they underline the fact that every decision should be made paying close attention to the needs and demands of the region, while trying to maximize the positive impacts of the project, primarily, for the benefit of the local people.