Dissemination event – round table discussions with previous tourism projects in the area
February 26, 2020
Partner Meeting – Tourism Market Demand (findings and recommendations) for Thesprotia Region
October 15, 2020

Second roundtable discussion in Vlora with previous tourism projects in the area

Venue : Vlora, Albania (Zoom Meeting)

7th July 2020, Vlora, Albania

On July 07th Regional Council of Vlora organized the second roundtable discussion in Vlora with public and private institutions from the Albanian part that have or are implementing projects related to tourism.

The meeting started with the welcome speech from the Executive Director of IP3, Mrs. Albana Dhimitri.

Present in the meeting were all the partners of the GET project.

The meeting continued with the presentation of the objectives and results of the GET project to the participants from IP3.

During the meeting were presented current and previous projects related to tourism from all project partners.

Other participants in the meeting were Municipality of Himara, Regional Council of Gjirokastra, Regional directorate of national employment service in Vlora, Auleda – Local Economic Development Agency Vlore, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TPA Center, URI (Urban Research Institute). All of them made their presentations on previous and current projects related to tourism.

All the presentations served as a possibility for the GET project partners to be informed about products that were previously produced in the area covered by GET project and how these products can come in help for the project implementation.