Tales of Thesprotia

With a “map” in hand and loaded with all the other necessary tools I set off again to hunt for the hidden treasure..

I climbed the Ladder of Zorgiannos, next to the imposing remnant of the tower I stood. Immediately I started to put the equipment in the right places and I started to “dig” out. No, I did not set aside any stone or dirt that came out of Thesprotian Land, yet I did not even look down to discover another of its treasures.

The surrounding place, an endless canvas of awe. Its ever-ending glow was there to the east between the clouds. Its riches flowed together alongside Kalamas river, unfurling stories, myths and legends from times of old. A pervasive illusion of a bygone era.

This “treasure” I’ve been searching for, is not gold or precious jewels. The true hidden gems of Thesprotia, diversified and hauntingly sublime, are its unknown beautiful corners that are so much being neglected in these days. They are standing by in the silent… Waiting to be discovered…

Source: Step magazine,
Author: Leonidas Tzanis